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Listen in on what industry experts had to say at the latest Creatives Meet Business event. Host Ashland Viscosi curates and shares the best content and tips from the live events to help creatives and artists transition into creative entrepreneurs.
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Apr 18, 2017

Hi there folks!

Creatives Meet Business is an event and podcast series based out of Austin, Texas for creatives of ALL disciplines to get from zero to one in thinking of themselves as business owners (in the creative sector).

This episode features James Renovitch with The Austin Chronicle who joined us in December during our event on PR. As you'll soon find out, he succinctly explains PR from the journalist's perspective. He chats about everything from how you should speak to press to what you should share with them to maintaining your own personality (and much, MUCH more). Because there's so SO much that's exciting about this episode - let's hop in and hear what James has to say!

  • 0:00 to 2:42 - Ashland Opening Remarks and Intro of James Renovitch
  • 2:47 to 4:45 - Rule 1: Know That You're Emailing Another Human Being
    • Know who you're talking to! That extends to the publications (what their bread and butter is) and what each journalist covers
    • Know why you're writing to them. Tech related? About social issues?
  • 4:46 to 6:08 - Not Sure Who to Start With?
    • Call the front desk of the publication. Don't ask to be transferred, just describe your project and ask who you should be emailing
    • Still not sure? In your email outreach mention "I'm not sure if you're  the right person to share this with. If you're not, could you please direct me to the right person or forward my email to them?"
  • 6:09 to 7:27 - How Many Times Should You Follow-Up
    • If there's no time sensitivity - Send first email, wait a week (include information again). If you don't hear again, that's probably it. You can try again in a few weeks, but that's really the max you should do.
    • If it's time sensitive, you can fast track it a little
    • Be mindful about phone calls
  • 7:28 to 9:27 - Tone
    • Professional or Informal? Depends on who you're writing to - know who you're writing to!
    • Don't hide your personality.
    • Professionalism is great, but that's really about including what needs to be included.
      • Don't forget to include a link to your website.
    • Put yourself in the journalist's shoes - what would they want?
      • Include a summary, photo, a link to see more
  • 9:28 to 11:10 - Don't Write the Story for the Journalist
    • Help them picture what the final product would look like
    • Include a photo, a video (if you have one), some snippet that stands out about what you've created
    • Know your strengths and weaknesses
      • If it's unfinished, mention the elements that aren't complete
  • 11:15 to 12:11 - Ashland Closing Remarks

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We're moving over to Digital Marketing soon and have some pros that we can't wait to introduce you to. Stay tuned!


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